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Speaker and Advocate for the Oral Systemic Link.

Educating groups and individuals about the interconnection of mouth health and how it relates to whole body health.

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How is Your Dental Health affecting your whole body?

Do you have bleeding gums?

Do you have a systemic disease and want to get healthy?

Have you tried flossing and brushing with no definitive results?

Let us help you get healthier and use 30 years of dental service benefit you and your loved ones

The Best Dental Education to Improve Whole Body Systems

Blogs and Articles

We create education articles related to oral health with helpful tips and tricks to improve oral health


We relate the oral health to whole body health and educate on the importance of nutrition and the effects on the oral condition

Oral & Systemic Link

Oral health and inflammation contributes to heart disease, diabetes, strokes, low birth weight babies and lung infections. Lets explore how we can help you reduce the inflammation and create a healthier lifestyle

In Person Dental Education

We offer in person dental education for groups, individuals and caregivers

Content Creation

We create dental education and how it relates to whole body health with online presentations

Educate all ages

Dental care and health changes through different stages of life. Let us educate you on how your oral health needs change with each stage of life

"Becky possesses a unique ability to capture and maintain the audience's attention from start to finish. Her depth of knowledge in oral health was evident, and she skillfully conveyed complex concepts in a way that was not only easy to understand but also inspiring.

Her enthusiasm and genuine passion for oral and whole-body wellness were contagious, creating an atmosphere of motivation and empowerment.

I wholeheartedly recommend Becky Moore to any organization or event seeking a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker."

Lisa Railing-Mobley

 Senior Services Trainer

Onslow County Senior Services

Becky Moore's presentation on up-leveling oral care was a game changer. Her experience, her wealth of knowledge was evident as she shared invaluable tips and championed holistic options. Becky's passion for unveiling the link between oral care and overall health left a lasting impression on our audience, empowering them to take charge of their well-being.

Raksha Joshi

Annual Influencers Conference -Propel 2024

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Meet Becky Moore, Registered Dental Hygienist, Speaker, Educator, Clinician, Content Creator and Patient Advocate with over 30 years of dental service here to educate and empower you to achieve optimal oral health. Becky is an educator on the oral and whole body health link to include natural and holistic options for optimal oral and whole body health. Becky is passionate about educating and bridging the link from the mouth to the whole body. This education goes far beyond what is usually offered in dental care settings. Allow me to serve you and help you achieve optimal oral health. Lets also learn how the mouth and body are uniquely connected.

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